What We Do

Media literacy is a fundamental set of competencies. You can’t function in today’s media-rich reality without having at least some basic knowledge and skills about the media and technology. But media literacy is a muscle that needs to be strengthened, especially when the boundaries of what we call media and information are constantly changing online. 

We believe that when young people learn to decode, critique and question media they can take ownership of their media consumption and can feel more confident to engage in media practices that amplify their voices.

Media What aims to spark that journey into motion, by engaging youth in activities that challenge them to reflect on their media practices and to imagine themselves as storytellers, activists or historians producing media products within an increasingly complex digital media environment.

Our Pillars

We tell the stories that we want to remember, and with words, visuals and sounds, we document realities using interviews, archived footage, real people. Within the context of media literacy, the theme of memory is an exploration of narrative storytelling and ways of documenting personal stories. More critically, it is the understanding that all stories offer just a slice of the whole.


We can identify with a lot of different things: our gender, our race, our age group. We can even identify as a member of a fandom or an online community. Within the context of media literacy, the theme of identity explores self-representations, and through unpacking visually constructed identities, we can really reflect about who we really are versus the self we assert, online and offline.


How we think about community and participation has really changed with new digital media. Online, news, entertainment and user content blend together, and this influences how we understand the world and our reality. Within the context of media literacy, the theme of citizenship focuses on understanding privacy and expression online, critically evaluating online information and exploring online personalization and its impact on democratic processes. 

Our Goals
A Year in Review 2019

2019 was a great year for Media What, because it's the year we were founded. We launched our first two projects and connected with media literacy teachers and students across Europe.

Download our annual report and have a look at what we achieved during our first year of operation.

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