Digital Storytelling for Impact
Digital storytelling is a foundational practice in the field of Communications, and this event mapped the most current developments

In December 2019 we attended the Digital Storytelling for Impact Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria organized by Digital Communication Network and World Learning. 


The Forum had more than 300+ participants from 32 countries to discuss digital storytelling and ways in which it can improve our communication field. We listened to speakers from Poynter, Google, Radio Free EuropeArloopaMoacube.


Some of the ideas we came away with are:

  1. What has changed storytelling and humankind in the past century has been the internet. The internet has reshaped sectors such as journalism, marketing, and business forever.
  2. Changes happen not just because of technology but also because of the shift in how people consume information.
  3. We need to reach people on the right platforms and the right moment. It is essential to repack stories for the right audiences, explore new spaces such as TikΤok and IG Stories, Podcasts and AR, and Virtual Reality.
  4. Storytelling is not about journalism and literature anymore. It is the foundation of PR and marketing, branding for pop culture icons and politicians, and advertising.
  5. Storytelling isn’t about just listing facts; it’s about making an emotional connection, no matter the platform.
  6. Authenticity and sincerity, relevance and intention, personal touch, and empathy are critical ingredients of impactful storytelling.
  7. A good story is the one that is useful for your audience. If you educate, answer meaningful questions of you audience, and help your reader succeed, your story will succeed too.


You can find more information about the forum here.