Talk: The Female Gaze
We opened the Cinema Talks series with a talk on the Female Gaze, focusing on female directors and their aesthetic, narrative and ideological contribution to the contemporary film canon.

Our founder, Christiana Varda, inaugurated Larnaka Cinema Society’s “Cinema Talks”, with a talk on “The Female Gaze and Its Importance in Cinema. 

Representations of gender in film, television, and other media, around the globe have a profound impact on cultural expectations of gender. From Hollywood to independent films, the contradictory images of women are more present now than ever before. This talk revisits Laura Mulvey’s definition of the male gaze in here seminal essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” and reframes it to conceptualize the female gaze. The elements that comprise the female gaze are explored through five films, the only female director Oscar nominations to date. 

You can watch the talk (in Greek) here. 

Cinema Talk: Το Γυναικείο Βλέμμα και η Σημασία του στον Κινηματογράφο from Larnaka Cinema Society on Vimeo.