Open Call for Artist-In-Residence Programme: “Making Womanhood”
Examining what it means to be a woman in Cyprus in 2021 through art.

Media What in collaboration with the Youth Makerspace Larnaka, part of the Cyprus Youth Organization, announce an open call for an artist-in-residence programme called Making Womanhood. The aim of the residence programme will be to examine what it means to be a woman in Cyprus in 2021 and it is part of the Mediatized Portraits of Women Speaker series, implemented in the framework of the POWER project (Portraits Of Women Empowered Representations), which is funded by the US Embassy in Cyprus. You can find more information about the goals of the program here. 

We invite artists from the fields of media and multimedia, art, design, interactive technology, education and social entrepreneurship, who are interested in developing and promoting ideas and products through the use of technology. The theme of the invitation focuses on the ways in which we understand and make womanhood within the Cypriot society. The proposals may examine the political, religious and social structures of Cypriot society in the context of the economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic or, more generally, the experiences of women in Cyprus and the ways in which their lives have changed in the last decade.

The selected artists will be able to use the Youth Makerspace workshop and equipment and will receive support from expert mentors, who will offer guidance for the development of their project. The duration of the residency for each artist ranges from two weeks to two months, and will be supported with the amount of 500 euros. Upon completion of the project, a final presentation/exhibition will be organised, and it will be open to the public.

Deadline for submission of proposals: June 21, 2021.

Download the application: click here


- Each selected proposal will be supported with the amount of 500 euros. In case equipment needs to be purchased for the proposal’s implementation, it has to be approved by Media What and Youth Makerspace. This equipment will remain at the site of Youth Makerspace Larnaka after the completion of the residency.

- The selection committee will include the Cyprus Youth Organization (ONEK), Youth Makerspace Larnaka, and Media What.

- The proposal (1) that will score highest will be selected for a residency that will range from two weeks to two months.

- If necessary, candidates may be invited for an interview to discuss further their proposal.

- Media What and Youth Makerspace Larnaka reserve the right to use the artist’s final material for future exhibitions and presentations.

- The cost of the exhibition / presentation of each residency (photographer, music) will be borne by Youth Makerspace Larnaka. If there is a need for specialised services / equipment (luminaire, sound engineer, etc.), their cost should be borne by the creator. The final exhibition/presentation will be open to the public for free. 

- The event will be organized in consultation with the artist, Media What, Youth Makerspace Larnaka and ONEK.

- The call is addressed to young creators who come from the fields of media and multimedia, art, design, interactive technology, education and social entrepreneurship.

- Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of participation in this residency programme as well as the contract regarding the use of the space and equipment of Youth Makerspace Larnaka are necessary conditions for this residency.

- The residency may be adapted to the guidelines and regulations of the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of Covid-19. During the duration of the residency, all measures against the pandemic will be observed as defined by the respective health protocols and relevant decrees.