Presenting Your Story in Brussels
Christiana Varda, Media What Founder, conducted the interactive workshop "Developing Critical Thinking Through Cross Generational Storytelling" at Media Lit Seminar.

Our founder, Christiana Varda, gave a workshop on how to develop critical thinking through cross-generational storytelling to a room full of educators and media literacy enthusiasts at the two-day Media Lit Seminar


During Day 1, 20 February 2020, we got to share lesson plans and activities on how we can reimagine media literacy through storytelling with participants from 17 countries, and other key experts in the field of media literacy within Europe. We presented Your Story project, distilled in a set of self-contained lessons that can either work independently or complementarily. The lesson plans are now also available on Media Learn, our open-access lesson plan platform. 


The event was co-organized by Varda and Annelene Timmermans, EFL / Dutch secondary school teacher and teacher trainer at the Educational Master program at KU Leuven, with funding by Alumni TIES.